I had to learn the hard way that not drinking enough water throughout the day had some serious consequences; I constantly felt lethargic, my skin was dull and acne-prone, and sometimes I would get a throbbing headache that would last for hours. Even with all of these terrible symptoms, I would still forget to drink enough water! To trick myself into drinking more, I started infusing it with fruit and herbs. After just a few days I started noticing that I had more energy, my skin was softer, and my stomach was less bloated. My favorite recipe is water with cucumber/mint or berries/basil, but I like to change it up so I don’t get bored. During the wintertime I add fruits high in vitamin C, and during bikini season I add ginger, lemon, and peppermint. Want to make your own recipe? Follow the guide below and get creative!

How to make detox water:

Choose 1-2 fruits
Choose an herb
Choose an add-on (cinnamon, honey, cayenne pepper, etc).


And there you have it! Please comment below any other recipes that you recommend and I will make sure to check them out.!

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