Salt Lamps Are The Antidepressant You Never Knew You Needed

In the Health and Wellness realm, salt lamps are all the rage. These lamps, which instantly provide a soothing ambiance to any room in your house, are meant to filter impurities in the air. Though many people use these lamps as decorative pieces or attractive night lights, these pink salt crystals have been shown to improve a variety of health concerns. Before you ask – no, a salt lamp won’t magically absorb all of your health issues (sorry), but it can help alleviate many common health problems that disrupt your gut health, immune system, and mental health

Himalayan salt lamps are made from pink salt crystals mined from the edge of the Himalayan Mountains. After they have been extracted from the mountain (the only region that provides real Himalayan pink salt), the salt is later excavated to place a bulb within to provide heat and light. There are many different forms of salt lamps: nightlights, salt baskets, and solid salt lamps.  

Air Purifier

Salt is hygroscopic, a fancy word your middle-school science teacher taught you but you forgot about. Hygroscopic simply means that salt attracts water molecules, which float around in every room of your home. Along with these microscopic molecules, you also have little particles of pollen, dust, and other allergens floating around your space as well. Think of salt lamps as your bodyguards trying to protect you and attract all of these molecules and allergens into the salt, instead of circulating your room like an unwanted guest.The heat from the lamp keeps these pollutants trapped in the salt (or as I like to call it, allergen jail). Unfortunately, these lamps can’t mask the stench of your laundry you’ve been hiding in your closet the last few weeks, but it can pull unwanted bacteria and viruses to join the gang in allergen jail. The heat from the bulb is supposed to help release water vapor back into the air, while still holding on to the trapped pollutants.

Asthma and Allergy

Salt lamps may help provide relief to people suffering from uncomfortable respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies to due its ability to counteract the negative effects of positive ions in the atmosphere. Some people are so convinced that they feel substantial relief that you can now find Himalayan Pink Salt inhalers as well as Salt Therapy in every major city (with that being said, never replace your emergency inhaler with a holistic pink salt inhaler). Salt therapy is a natural therapy that allows people to sit in specialised room filled with dry salt particles to help help cleanse the airways and skin, as well as aid in recovery and provide a sense of wellness. Think of it as sitting a giant Himalayan Salt Lamp! Due to the negative ions pulling away common allergens, many people feel relief from common home allergies. Don’t think you’d felt the incredible benefits of negative ions? Think again. Negative ions are everywhere in nature – specifically around water and sunlight. That refreshed feeling you experience after standing by a waterfall is partly due to these ions. Himalayan salt lamps mimic the amazing health benefits that nature generously provides us.  

Mood and Sleep

Salt lamps are not your normal night light; all health benefits aside, the natural pink and orange hues give off an incredibly relaxing and calming vibe in an instant due to the neutralizing ions. Personal tip – turn on your salt lamp, add a sound machine, place a few drops of lavender on your wrists and you will be sleeping like a newborn baby in no time. If you’re not getting good, quality sleep, it can wreak havoc on your body. Besides the fact that it affects mood and decision-making, poor sleep quality causes your hormones to spiral as well as lead to excessive body weight and adrenal fatigue. Though a salt lamp might seem like a simple addition to your room, if it’s a small factor that can keep your stress and hormones balanced, I think it’s worth every penny.

Energy Levels

Did you know that positive ions, which are ions emitted from things like technology and pollution, can completely kill your energy levels? In fact, they are so powerful that they can make you feel lethargic and depressed – all because of ions! These invisible mood killers affect us both mentally and physically. As we learned earlier, salt lamps zap away positive ions to enhance your mood, sleep quality, and keep your energy levels up, up, up so you can focus on other more important things, like bingeing the latest drama on Netflix. Salt lamps are not a magical fix all, but they aid in releasing feelings of anxiety and stress naturally, which helps reduce other symptoms caused by common health disorders. Consistent energy levels will improve your cognitive abilities as well as productivity. Since our immune system lies in our digestive system, reducing stress greatly decreases the amount of sick time and keeps your hormones balanced.

Electromagnetic Radiation

It’s electric! No but seriously, we live in a world revolving electricity. All of the super high-tech gadgets and tools helping you “simplify” your life is also leaving behind heaps of electromagnetic radiation in your home. Our smartphones, computers, TV’s and so forth leave traces of invisible radiation, which can lead to scary diseases like cancer. To fully reap the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps, place a salt lamp in every room that you use technology in. Nightlights are the easiest way to use them throughout your home, because they are very small and lighter to move around (compared to the bigger salt lamps or the ones that are placed in a basket). These air ionizers will neutralize your home so you don’t have to feel guilty for using technology throughout your house. To ensure that you’re getting the highest quality salt lamp, make sure you purchase one that has a guaranteed return policy. Because they are natural, salt can easily be damaged in the box or during handling. A fair manufacturer is aware that this is a common occurrence.

Improves Skin Diseases

Many skin diseases are aggravated by very common triggers, such as dust, mold, or pollen. One of the most noticeable skin diseases that is easily stimulated by allergens is eczema. Other forms of dermatitis can lead to dry, itchy, and red bumps throughout the body due to environmental factors in your home. If you tackle your environmental factors, nutrition, and hydration levels, you can transform your skin and prevent flare-ups. Though Himalayan salt won’t completely eliminate symptoms, they can help minimize the reactions by purifying the air and trapping those dust particles. This is a great addition to someone’s home especially during spring time, where pollen tends to skyrocket and exacerbate these symptoms. Salt lamps will purify the air, reduce your stress, and therefore decrease inflammation and other symptoms.

Static Electricity

Static electricity is caused by an imbalance of electrons, which spreads throughout people’s home like crazy during the cold, dry winter months. You can thank static electricity for your frizzy hair, ratty clothes, and that annoying prick zap you unexpectedly experience when you reach for a doorknob.Things that alleviate this type of electricity are humidifiers and house plants, but Himalayan pink salt crystals are also capable of neutralizing the air and reducing static. An unexpected side effect of static electricity is dry eye due to the lack of moisture in the air as well as restless sleep. Since Himalayan salt lamps are energy efficient, you won’t have to worry about increasing static throughout your home. It will naturally keep airborne particles in a neutral state.

Boost Blood Flow

Certain medical studies claim that negative ions, like the ones that are given off by the Himalayan salt lamps, are capable of boosting blood flow. Boosting blood flow will allow the lungs and the circulatory system to efficiently move blood and lymph throughout the body, preventing blood clots and vascular diseases. Stress management greatly improves blood circulation throughout the body, and since salt lamps provide a soothing ambience, they are perfect for the person who has a hard time winding down at nighttime. A great way to fully reap the health benefits is by turning off your technology early, turning on your salt lamp, stretching or lying on the floor or bed, and taking in deep and controlled breathes. With these steps, you have officially joined the salt lamp wellness club! These tiny adjustments to your lifestyle can catapult your wellness journey into other good, daily habits.

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