3 Unexpected Lessons From The Millennial Women x Honeypot Talk Tour

On June 20th, I had the honor of attending an event for the Millennial Women Talk Tour, which is a platform created to bring women together to discuss different life experiences from our generation. Millennial Women was created by two strikingly beautiful sisters, Melissa and Stephanie Carcache, and they are taking their traveling podcast around the world to provide millennial women resources to cope with the everyday challenges that we face. I could literally go on for hours about how incredible their brand is (check out their website for the deets)!, but I wanted to dig deep into the actual event itself because the experience was too special not to share!

The moment I entered the room, I was warmly greeted by the MW team and I immediately felt comfortable to socialize and connect with the other Atlanta women. There’s something so special about being in a room full of women who are supportive and want to have meaningful conversations in a non-judgmental way. The thought-leader for the podcast discussion was Beatrice Feliu Espada, the founder of The Honey Pot Company and overall badass. In full transparency, I went into this podcast discussion with zero knowledge on the Honey Pot Co. brand or the people behind the brand (it is the first plant-based feminine care line powered by herbs), and I left with so many incredible takeaways. Let’s just say I ran to Walmart the next day and stocked up on as many of their products as possible.

If you’re a long-time blog follower then you already know that I try to live as non-toxic as I can, and yet I’ve been carelessly shoving so many chemicals up my body every month without even thinking twice about it. It’s not that I purposely decided to support products that contain chemicals like glyphosate, which is a dangerous herbicide seeping in our tampons, I just didn’t have the knowledge or even energy to go out of my way to learn how many toxins are in our feminine products. I started to envision these chemicals being physically absorbed into my bloodstream and it made me SICK to my stomach (the vagina is an extremely permeable mucus membrane and it absorbs every product you use). Listening to women in the audience open up about their painful stories was enough for me to say f*ck no to any and all toxic feminine products.

Yeah, you heard me. Vagina, pussy, coochie, snatch, honey pot. I don’t give a f*ck what you call it, it’s time that we stop acting like it’s such a ridiculously dirty word! Now I have to be very honest, before the interview you would’ve never caught me using the word v-a-g-i-n-a so freely. I would’ve downplayed it. Like for instance, calling it my kitty, because obviously comparing my reproductive organ to a cute animal is not going to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Right when the interview started, Beatrice was quick to correct us about how we referred to our vag and it immediately made me laugh and realize, “Holy sh*t, I’m a woman in my late 20s and this word still makes me feel weird? Why do I feel this way??”. Now, I’m probably still going to be calling my vag “kitty”, but it’s because I like to say it, not because I’m scared to use the word vagina (meow).

The audience was FULL of amazing stories on how The Honey Pot Co. products changed their lives. And when I say changed their lives, I’m talking about people that were dealing with chronic pain and inflammation for years and they proudly celebrated that Beatrice’s products cured so many of their long term issues. When the topic of bacteria came up, I was shocked to find out that UTI’s and BV are not sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, there is still this stigma that only “promiscuous” or unsanitary women experience vaginal irritation and bacteria growth and that is absolute crap. Women may already have an overgrowth of bacteria in their system that gets exacerbated after intercourse because semen is highly alkaline-based – that does not mean sex exclusively causes vaginal infections or discomfort. Something as simple as a body wash with a lot of fragrance can trigger an infection. So stop judgin’ and educate yourself on how your daily habits can effect your vaginal health.

Ok, obviously you should only be yourself, but when I say ‘Be Beatrice’, I mean be the Beatrice’s of the world. This woman is so much more than a powerful entrepreneur; She exudes so much confidence and humility at the same time, that it’s impossible to leave her presence without feeling empowered and motivated. She is so full of wisdom and hustle, I couldn’t write down notes fast enough because everything that came out of her mouth was pure gold. The point of me mentioning this, is that if you want to be successful, surround yourself with people whose energy is so powerful, you don’t have a choice but to grow yourself. If you want to achieve something you have to hustle HARD and you have to be kind to yourself for the mistakes you make along the way. Beatrice is a walking example of stoicism and when I sat down to pick her brain for five minutes, she gave me her undivided attention and I learned so much about her business model as well as her spiritual thought process. I was so drawn to her words that I totally forgot to ask her for a picture, but I will forever remember our priceless conversation!

A huge thank you to Stephanie and Melissa for making it possible for me to experience these amazing lessons – you two are beautiful inside and out and I appreciate your kindness that allows us millennial women to feel comfortable to talk openly!

Millennial Women, Inc: wearemillennialwomen.com

Photographer: Sarah Vitel Photography

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