My Post-Travel Routine

I loove a good routine. Morning routine, nighttime routine, skincare routine, you name it – I’m on it.

So while I was preparing for my Miami trip a few weeks ago, I thought to myself – I’ve done all the steps I can to prepare for the trip, but why am I not preparing for when I return, which ends up being more stressful than the actual travel itself sometimes? Suddenly, a new routine was formed – THE POST-TRAVEL ROUTINE.

“I’m Out of Office – Leave Me Alone. Thank You.”

I personally take the day off the day after I get back from vacation, but most people don’t have that luxury. So before I leave for my trip, I block off my calendar and allow the first day back to work to be a light email/organization day. No huge presentations, no doctor’s appointments, no focus or energy on things that can be taken care of later in the week. Use this day to reset and clear your mind so that you can execute an efficient plan. Don’t spend the entire week responding to the non-priority emails; focus on the time-sensitive material, not the fluffy stuff that distracts you.

“Nobody Likes Baggage”

You wake up the day after your trip, stumble out of bed and trip on your PACKED SUITCASE. Nuh uh, honey. The second you get home, you’re going to take all your dirty, possibly sand-filled clothes, and place them in the hamper – immediately! They don’t need to be washed the moment you get home, but there’s something so powerful about decluttering your space to get you back on track for the week. I even wipe down my suitcase after I’m done unpacking. I also recommend having one “work” outfit ready to go before your trip so that when you come back home you already know what you’re going to wear. One less thing to think about.

“Girl, Wash Your Face”

Nope, I’m not referring to one of my favorite books from Rachel Hollis. I’m taking about your gorgeous, but dehydrated, post-travel skin. I highly recommend taking a long, hot shower after any trip (because, germs), but I also have a deep-clean regimen after any flight. I start with an oil cleanser to break down the products, then a facial cleanser to ensure everything is gone, followed by a hydrating face mask. I lather my skin with a moisturizer/face oil, and always, always always, spray the sh*t out of my face with rose water.

“Kiss The Chef”

Depending on when you get home, you might not have time to prep food for the entire week. Instead, I keep some easy meals ready to go that way I don’t come home to a completely empty fridge. This typically means that I’ll have some bananas, steel-cut oats, or a smoothie (since all the fruit are frozen) ready to go. If I get home at night, I might make some chickpea pasta with pesto because it takes 10 min to prepare. I highly recommend eating high-fiber foods post-vacation since your gut is probably off thanks to all that vacay food and alcohol – no judgment 😉

“Just Do It”

Routine is a powerful tool and it’s especially important to get back on it when you’ve stopped the normal flow of it. That’s why I always get straight back to exercising after a trip. I eat plenty of foods that are high in vitamin C (to help prevent getting sick post-traveling) and I drink a ton of water and get into bed early. I know it’s tempting to want to “ease” back into your routine, slowly unpack, and start your healthy diet the following week, but all of these steps will help keep your stress levels low and boost your immune system.

Did you find these tips useful? Let me know in the comments below!


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