How A Celebrity Cosmetologist Transformed My Eyebrows

Eyebrows can make or break your face, and if you clicked on this post, you’ve probably been a victim of overplucking at one point or another. Thank GOD the pencil-thin eyebrow trend is so over and even if makes a surprise appearance in the future.. don’t fall for it – it’s a trap.

I couldn’t find any cosmetologist that I trusted, so I took a year off from doing ANYTHING to my brows until I could find “the one”. Yes, you should treat your eyebrow specialist with the same high standards as you would a precious relationship. For one, it’s important to find a trusting specialist because the shape of your brows can change your face structure dramatically (go ahead and google some before and after pictures to get the idea). Two, it’s kind of an intimate experience; your specialist is standing over your face and you want to trust that while your eyes are closed your brows are in good hands. Enter: Noureen.

I found Noureen from a trusted resource, Sabrina from Simply Sabrina, who had been raving about how incredible Noureen was. I was a bushy mess and after an hour of creeping on her before and after pictures on Instagram, I was tempted to try her out. Within seconds, I knew Noureen was going to be someone so special in my life. She greeted me with the best hug I’ve ever experienced in my life, and the rest was history. Fast forward to today Noureen, aka “The Brow Queen”, has become the go-to cosmetologist for Atlanta-based celebrities, she’s certified by Mario By Mario, and she just launched a new product #nobigdeal.

Tips From The Eyebrow Queen

3 Common Mistakes To Avoid Right Now

#1: Overplucking

Matter of fact, STOP tweezing them. Period.

#2: Overplucking Your Unibrow
Sometimes clients like to keep up with their unibrow in between their appointments and end up tweezing their unibrow, which causes a wider gap. Having a wider gap in between your eyebrows may cause your nose to appear wider. Try to avoid touching this area until your next appointment.

#3: Filling In Your Brows A Darker Shade
Always chose a shade or two lighter than your brow color. That will make your brows look more natural and fuller.

Tips On Creating Natural Brows With A Pencil

#1: Brush your hair down to be able to see the exact shape/line of your brows.

#2: Start to fill in from the bottom arch flicking it outwards using a hair stroke motion; avoid making straight/harsh lines.

#3: Tip: A spoolie is a great way to create that natural fluffy brow look!

The Best Natural Technique

I am a huge advocate of threading, which is a form of hair removal by using a piece of thread. It creates fuller brows because it gives you more control, which allows for a more precise shape. Threading is an incredible way to encourage new hair growth and create eyebrow dimension.

At Home Tips

I created an eyebrow growth oil that promotes hair growth and improves hair texture/hydration.

I recommend using it twice a day, however applying it at nighttime before bed is the most effective time to use it, as it will penetrate into your skin deeper. Often times we forget that the skin underneath our eyebrows gets dry and leads to flaking and hair fall out, so I incorporated Vitamin E oil in my product to prevent hair loss.

One of the best moments in my career was when I was able to help a cancer patient get their hair growing back by using the growth oil. That was the best day of my life!

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