Resolution Reset

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We made it 2021 – finally. Every new year pretty much starts the same for most of us – we evaluate our resolutions, goals, and what we hope to accomplish next, but I personally have decided to tweak the meaning (or strategy) behind New Year Resolutions. For me, I will be creating tangible, non-negotiable meetings with myself with mid-checkpoints to ensure that my goals are actually being met. Basically, I hired myself to be the Project Manager of my life. Goals that will forever be evergreen in my life always have to do with health, self-care, and personal development. If you’re interested in one of these topics as well, I am sharing some of my favorite products to start the new year off on the right foot.

01. The Habit Trip

Habits take discipline, which is why I have been loving The Habit Trip for helping me analyze specific habits related to sleep, fitness, relationships, money, and spirituality in an interactive way. It is written in micro-steps and clever prompts to help you enjoy the process of light, fill-in writing tasks.


02. Physician’s Choice Women’s Probiotic

I swear by probiotics year-round for optimal digestion and immunity – the Physicians Choice Women’s Probiotic is a powerful probiotic with clinically-proven ProCran, which is a potent, pure powder made from cranberry extract. Not only with this balance your digestive system, but it will also assist in preventing UTIs as well.


03. Physician’s Choice Collagen Peptides

There are tons of collagen peptides on the market, but Physician’s Choice stands out from the crowd because of their formula, which contains DigeSEB – clinically-proven digestive enzymes that help ensure that your body can readily absorb and get the collagen to where it needs to go.


04. Veestro

I definitely plan to eat more plant-based this year, which is why I am ordering from Veestro. This company is 100% plant-based and ships straight to your door anywhere in the contiguous US. All you have to do is heat up the chef-crafted meal and you’re good to go – perfect for when you’re running out the door or too lazy to cook!

Use code BABBLE25 for 25% off any order (Expires March 31st).


05. Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair + Multi-Purpose Nail Repair

And of course, we have to include self-care. Kerasal is a staple in my home for when we do at-home pedicures. The Intensive Foot Repair is an exfoliating moisturizer clinically-proven to hydrate dry feet while exfoliating away dead skin. You will literally see results overnight. The Multi-Purpose Nail Repair is a godsend for gel manicure damage, as well as reducing discoloration to help restore a healthy appearance.



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