Reviewing The Chosen

Reviewing The Chosen

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Happy Easter to my fellow Greeks! I am Greek Orthodox Christian and we celebrate Easter based on the Eastern Orthodox calendar for those who didn’t know. While Americans celebrated earlier last month, our Easter fell on Sunday, May 2nd! To be 100% transparent, I usually attend many weekly church services leading up to Sunday, but because of Covid, I wanted to find ways to keep the spirit of Easter alive in the comfort of my home. I prayed, and we watched live streams of church services, but I wanted to feel more connected to the history of Christianity in a modern yet traditional manner. 

The first time I heard about The Chosen, a series dedicated to the life of Christ, was actually from one of my great, non-Christian friends. I was so impressed by her ability to take in the beauty of my religion even though she came from a different faith. When she exclaimed that she was ‘hooked’ on it, I immediately downloaded it and watched Season One to find out what captivated her.. You can probably imagine that it didn’t take long for me to breeze through episodes 1-8. The only thing I knew about the series came from one of my besties who told me the show  is crowd-funded, independent and it has positive reviews). I was skeptical about  how this production by Dallas Jenkins could stand out from other faith-based series.  So let’s talk about what stood out to me.


Character Communication

The first thing that stood out to me was the initial communication between characters — gentle and lighthearted. There’s banter and the perfect amount of joyous moments to keep you emotionally stable while anticipating the agonizing future events of the show. I love series that can keep history at its core while producing imagery and language simple enough for anyone to connect to. I feel like the language flow was part of the initial appeal from skeptics like myself – the depth of these characters is easy to understand.



The Genuine Work

This production was made out of pure love. The purpose is not to persuade or ‘push’ the story of Christ onto the viewer, but to allow the viewer to connect to Christ at their own level of understanding. You get to see how others viewed Him along the way. It is clear that the producers and actors wanted to embody relatability and empathy, and did so in such a beautiful manner. It’s not a surprise that it has grown to become the largest crowdfunded TV series of all time!


The Relatability

Probably one of the most powerful lessons from this show for me was from an opposite perspective — the humans who crossed His path. Every documentary or movie I had seen about the life of Christ had a heavy emphasis on Christ himself (understandably). , The beauty of this series is that it humanizes the people behind Jesus’ journey. They were just like us; they had families, got caught in lies, dealt with money problems and resisted authoritative figures. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting to be so captivated by other storylines along the way, but The Chosen found a perfect way to humanize the people along His path while also sharing Jesus’ life story.


Season Two

Episodes of The Chosen Season Two have finally been released and I can’t want to finish the whole season! The tension is heavily building. Even though I am familiar with the general biblical storyline, The Chosen gets into the nitty gritty of tension among the Disciples as the popularity and fame of Jesus arise. I love how we are seeing more of the deeper group dynamic in these pivotal moments of Jesus’ story. To start streaming the episodes, simply download the app to access both seasons – completely free. I would absolutely love your feedback on the series, so please make sure to send me a DM after you finish it so we can discuss it! Seven seasons are being produced so I am excited to learn more about the life of Christ in a way I’ve never known before. This is definitely a show that can be watched even when it’s not Easter time . Lastly, I highly recommend watching it with family and friends for a greater post-episode discussion!



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