5 Months of Whiskey

Whiskey Thor Singh | Male | Chocolate Lab | Food Addict |

Nicknames: Whisk, Whiskers, Ουισκάκι, Bunny, Looney, Velociraptor

I’m a fur mommy – and I’ve never been more in love!

Whiskey is so much more than just a furry companion. He is my baby, my best friend, my cuddle buddy, my partner in crime, and the ultimate serotonin booster. Do I sound obsessed? Maybe just a little, but I’m okay with that.

From the second we brought Whiskey home, he was a sweet yet FIESTY little thang.

I quickly learned that those teeny, tiny, jagged baby teeth were not for the weak. I wore his bite marks on my body with pride while also praying for the day his teeth would fall out. I was so worried that this phase was never going to end, but now that those deciduous weapons have fallen out of his mouth, the nipping has gotten dramatically better – praise be.

With that being said, he can still get quite spicy when he doesn’t get enough playing time. He loves a good tug-of-war session and wants to be friends with every dog in the neighborhood. He tends to act more human than dog, which sometimes confuses his peers on the playground. For example, Whiskey obsessively tries to lick other dogs in the face rather than going for the traditional rear sniff sniff routine – but I take it as just another cute baby quirk of his.

Potty Training

Potty training was probably my biggest concern when it came to puppy training. To be 100% honest, I had completely failed my first fur baby and she was never able to break the habit of peeing inside the house.

It. was. bad.

Thankfully, we started using Fresh Patch from the very beginning and it was literally, and I mean literally, a game-changing product. Fresh Patch creates real grass training pads that are hydroponically grown, and the living grass absorbs liquids to help control the odor naturally. Whiskey very quickly learned that doing his business on the patch = a treat in return, and after a couple weeks he naturally started going to the grass himself! Now are trying to transition him to bell training, but we plan to keep the patches for those inconvenient moments. 

Puppies pee and poo unpredictably (and often) so if you don’t stop a habit ASAP, it can become super difficult to break. The Fresh Patch patches made it possible for us to prevent bad potty habits early on. But there were other things we loved about it, too:

+ Perfect for townhome owners

+ Helped us during work hours/long meetings

+ SUPER convenient when it was raining or too cold outside

+ PS – great option for older dogs with limited mobility

Food + Treats

I did a TON of research before getting Whiskey and I knew that I didn’t want his diet to consist of gross, toxin-filled kibble that was stripped of nutrients.

We started him on Spot + Tango super early on and we could not have been happier with our decision. Not only is he obsessed with the UnKibble, but his digestive tract has always been very healthy and consistent if ya know what I am saying. The fresh food is delivered straight to our door so we never have to rush to the store when we’re low – another thing we love about it.

Tap this link for 50% off your first order of Spot + Tango – you and your pupper will thank me later.

When it comes to snacks, he is completely obsessed with the brand Full Moon. They offer natural, human-grade, and USDA-approved treats that your dog is sure to love. The chicken strips smell sooooo fresh it almost makes me want to try one! I’m pretty picky about bones and haven’t found one that I love, but I give him a safer and healthier alternative – elk antler dog chews.

I could go on and on about Whiskey for another 3 hours, but I think I will stop here for now. Just know that if you are considering adding an emotional support animal into your life it is 10000% worth it – just make sure you consider your time availability and emotional/financial resources.

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    January 22, 2022 / 4:22 pm

    This is wonderful information! Thank you so much for sharing and Whiskey is the most adorable dog ever!

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