5 Ways I Reset In January

In full honesty, 2022 was not my most productive year in the personal development department. I didn’t clearly outline my goals early on so when December rolled around I noticed I didn’t have any tangible, quantifiable evidence that I succeeded in the things I wanted to achieve.

This frustrating revelation forced me to get real specific with the goals I wanted to achieve in 2023. No more pouting, no more complaining, I just wanted to tackle the new year head on. It took me at least 6-8 hours to organize my new goals, but now I feel prepared to take on these goals in weekly and monthly segments.

So now that we’ve touched on goals, I wanted to share some other ways I reset in January for a more productive and satisfying year. There’s something about organization being the first step that makes all other aspects of life come together seamlessly. When you reset your physical environment, it also encourages mental clarity and efficiency.

Goal Reset

Like I mentioned above, I spent hours re-evaluating my new goals. I made a rough draft and then scratched anything that wasn’t specific or super meaningful to me (for example, “drink more water” is not a goal. Instead, “drink 12oz’s of water before my morning coffee” is a measurable goal.)

Lastly, I put all the goals into a project management tool like Asana so that I could create weekly and monthly task check-ins. I also used the SMART goals method to make sure my goals could be evaluated.

Digital Reset

Who wants to start the new year off with 2,457 images and videos in their Photo app that haven’t been back up in 167 weeks? Not me. As frustratingly tedious it is to back up your iPhone, just do it in January. After you’ve backed up all the good stuff, delete all the files that don’t need to live in your phone daily – because what’s worse than clutter? An out-of storage notification when you’re trying to capture your 2023 memories.

Other ways to digitally reset: unsubscribe from spammy email subscriptions (love unroll.me), reset your email to inbox zero, and trash any desktop files that need to go bye bye.

If you want to take it a step even further – reset your social, email, and bank passwords.

Closet Reset

The best way to reset your closet is to carve out a few hours on a boring Sunday and clear out the closet completely. Separate your clothes into keep, toss, and donation piles. I bought these beautiful string bins for my closet that I keep on the top shelves for my jeans and workout clothes. I highly recommend using monochromatic non-slip velvet hangers that point in the same direction for added neatness.

Car Reset

Your car is basically your second home, so it’s time to tidy her up (I’m the worst at this). I start by doing basic upkeep – throwing away old receipts, random trash, old water bottles etc. This year I purchased some car accessories to encourage organization – a car trash can, aloe hand wipes, glove box insurance organizer, trunk organizer, and a portable vacuum cleaner. Finally, I vacuum the interior and steam the exterior with my amazing multi-purpose steamer.

Pantry Reset

The primary purpose of resetting the pantry is to trash any expired items – you’d be surprised how many items go rancid (especially nuts, seeds, grains). After you clear out the pantry, use this opportunity to purchase healthier snacks to start the year off right.

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