Eating Well When You’re Busy, Busy, Busy

Anyone else finding it mentally taxing to plan and eat well while constantly on the go? Because, same. This blog post was 100% inspired by my current routine and a huge factor that is going into this is my new in-office and workout schedule. Increasing activity, driving, and work requires a physical adjustment and more intentional planning, so I wanted to share a few easy tips that have helped make the process a little easier. Incorporate the tips you like and disregard the rest – the point is to find tangible hacks that work for your routine.

Weekly  Grocery  List

I usually buy groceries on Sundays and split the shopping list into two – one set list and one developing list. My set list includes all of the non-negotiable that I buy every single week (bread, eggs, yogurt, onions) and my other list is the one that is dependent on the meals I plan to make that week.

Ideally, I would love to create a personal weekly meal plan ‘cookbook’, where I have 3-4 set meal ideas for that week with the corresponding groceries so that I don’t have to think about the items needed every time. I always try to think of ways I can automate or decrease my mental load.

Meal Plan

This seems like an obvious one, but the easiest way I make my meal plan is based on my schedule that week, upcoming dinner events, etc. I personally only prep food 1-2 days in advance because I have a weird thing about food texture/leftovers. After I make my weekly plan, I write it out on my magnetic acrylic calendar that lives on my refrigerator and this helps guide me throughout the week. 

Work With Your Schedule

My meals on remote days vs office days look very different. For office days, I keep breakfast and lunch super simple – that usually means easy options I can pack that aren’t messy and have high protein (yogurt with berries/honey, protein shake, perfect bars, nuts, turkey wrap with vegetables). 

So my strategy is to keep breakfast, lunch, and snacks pretty simple and then make dinner the most thought-out meal of the day since I’m home and not rushed for time in the evening. 

Set Yourself Up For Success

Here are some easy strategies that keep me eating well without much effort:

    • Each meal includes high protein, carbs, and healthy fats

    • Surround yourself with healthy snacks that are easily accessible 

    • Drink tons of water to prevent dehydration/false hunger cues 

    • Create “Adult Lunchables” which include veggies, fruits, protein, and fats to keep your blood sugar balanced

    • After you consume a filling, high-volume healthy snack, indulge in your favorite treat like a handful of chips or candy – I find that eating a balanced meal before a treat allows me to eat less salty/sugary snacks since I feel satiated more quickly 

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